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The Best Turkey & Wild Rice Soup

Creamy, hearty, rich, and flavorful with savory herbs and apple cider, our best turkey wild rice soup recipe makes a satisfying meal out of Thanksgiving and holiday leftovers. Chicken wild rice soup is a classic Midwest favorite: our Minnesota-homegrown wild rice soup recipe substitutes pasture-raised heritage turkey for chicken and utilizes common leftover veggies and herbs from Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. A perfect recipe for fall and winter, this soup is wonderful cold-weather comfort food and a convenient make-ahead heat-and-eat dinner idea for freezer meal prep: it’s easy to adapt for the slow cooker/Crock Pot, freezes well, and reheats nicely using the stovetop or microwave for an instant taste of home cooking any day of the year. We recommend enjoying this soup with bread sticks or toast: a crusty bread like ciabatta makes the best companion. Pair this turkey and wild rice soup with white wine or apple cider.

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