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We’re an online marketplace connecting small family farms and producers with home chefs looking for quality cuts of meat. Our producers come from all walks of life and raise beef, pork, and chicken across southern Minnesota. Want to know exactly where our meats are sourced? Check out the handy map, learn more about our producers below, and find your next meal!

Meet Our Producers

Gibbon, MN

Backstreet Market

Treat yourself to premium quality dry aged beef and flavorful beef snack sticks, sausages, and more from Backstreet Market, a first generation beef producer.

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Blackberry Ridge Farms raises grass fed and finished beef in Winona, MN. Picture of Erin Gervais and Will Oberton, owners of Blackberry Ridge.

Winona, MN

Blackberry Ridge Farms

Perched on the bluffs overlooking Winona and the Mississippi River, family owned and operated Blackberry Ridge Farms raises 100% grass fed and finished Galloway and Wagyu Cross beef.

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Blue Earth, MN

Blue Dirt Farm

Scott Haase's commitment to nature-inspired farming means his Mangalitsa pigs thrive on pasture and woodland their entire lives, and the result is deliciously marbled pork.

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Country Butcher Shop sells brats, chops, grilling collections, and more. Picture of Joel Sonnek, owner of Country Butcher Shop.

Easton, MN

Country Butcher Shop

A multi generation mom-and-pop shop, Country Butcher has delicious brats, windsor chops, grilling collections, customizable boxes, and more available for your family's next meal.

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Echo, MN

Fertile Acreage Farm

Enjoy pasture raised heritage pork from Fertile Acreage Farm! Dave and Leah Schueler use spent brewers grain from a nearby brewery for their pigs diet, and the end result is deliciously marbled!

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Waseca, MN

Fischer Family Farms

A fifth generation family farm, Tim Fischer provides pork for many restaurants in the Twin Cities. Try delicious tomahawk chops or sampler boxes.

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Rushford, MN

Hart Country Meats

Seventh generation farmers Tony and Jess Heiden raise Black Angus beef near Rushford, MN. They have also partnered with Drager Family Farms to provide delicious pork, bacon, and other items.

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Waseca, MN

Morgan's Meat Market

Dean and Barb Morgan pour their heart and soul into their award winning products, and their attention to detail shows in every bite. Try their chicken, jerky, and grill box for your next meal.

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Echo, MN

Remmele Custom Beef

Established in 1897, this fourth generation family farm raises hand fed Maine Anjou and Wagyu Cross beef near Echo, MN. Enjoy delicious steaks, roasts, snacks, and more.

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Tracy, MN

Verlinde Farms

Beautifully marbled American Wagyu beef is now available from fourth generation family owned and operated Verlinde Farms. With an amazing flavor and impressive spiderwebs of intramuscular fat, discover steaks, charcuterie, and more.

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Janesville, MN

Wiste's Meat Market

A third generation family owned business with two locations, Wiste's specializes in smoked meats: their smoked prime rib and rib steaks are a Meatery favorite year-round.

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